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Marking Orders As Shipped from a View

If the order is not currently open, it is possible to mark the Order as Shipped without actually opening the Orders form. You can also use this method to mark multiple orders as shipped in a single operation.

Follow these steps to mark orders as shipped without opening its form:

  1. Create or open a view of the Orders service that contains the order or orders that you want to mark as shipped.
  2. Select the order or orders that you want to mark as shipped.
    • Hold down the CTRL key as you select records to highlight multiple orders.
    • You must select at least one record in the view.

  3. Right-click within the view to display the context menu and select Order Options > Mark as Shipped.

    Selecting the Mark as Shipped Option

    • Aptify changes the Order Status for the selected orders to Shipped. During this process, Aptify displays a Status form to report on the operation's progress, as shown in the figure below.

      Marked as Shipped Status Form
    • If any of the orders failed to save with an Order Status of Shipped, Aptify skips that order and continues processing the remaining orders. When finished, it reports if any of the orders failed to save as shipped, as shown in figure below.

      Orders That Failed to Ship Notification
  4. If you receive this message, click Yes to open the Error Log, which contains additional information for why these orders failed to save with an Order Status of Shipped. Typically an order will fail to save as shipped if it is a Quotation order or if there is not sufficient inventory to ship the entire order.As necessary, open each order that shipped and add any shipping details (such as adding a tracking number). Save and close the order when finished.

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