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Placing an Entire Order on Back Order

Placing an entire order on back order places the order on hold until sufficient inventory is available to fulfill the order. Even though the Quantity on Hand field on the Inventory tab of the Products record may indicate that there is inventory available, it is possible that this inventory is on reserve for another order awaiting shipment. When this occurs, you may need to place the entire order on back order. Alternatively, you can leave the order as Taken until such time that inventory is received. (Whether to place the order on Back-Ordered status or leave it as Taken depends on your organization's business rules.)

Follow these steps to back-order an entire order:

  1. Open the order that was previously taken but has not yet shipped.
  2. In the Summary area of the Orders record, change the status of the order in the Order Status field from Taken to Back-Ordered.

    Identify an Order As Back-Ordered
  3. Save the order.

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