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Selecting Topic Codes

Once a Topic Code is created and linked to a service, it will appear on that service's Topic Codes tab. Aptify offers the functionality to associate topic codes with any service; organizations most often associate them with the Persons, Employees, Organizations, Companies, Products, and e-Business services.

A Topic Codes tab has two sub-tabs for browsing through available topic codes and identifying selected topics: the Browse by Category and All Selected Topics tabs.

Follow these steps to assign one or more topic codes to a record:

See Notes for Administrators for important information concerning topic code selections.


  1. Open a record from a service that has associated topic codes and a Topic Codes tab.
    • A Topic Codes tab appears on the Persons, Employees, Organizations, Companies, and Products forms, by default. You can add a Topic Codes tab to other services using the Form Template Tab wizard. See Using the Form Template Tab Wizard for more information.

  2. Select the Topic Codes tab.

    Topic Code Tab on an -Persons Record
  3. Select one or more of the displayed Topic Codes.
    • See Navigating the Topic Codes Tab for information on the layout of the Topic Codes tab.
    • Select the check box next to each desired Topic Code.
    • Click the Check All button to select all of the Topic Codes that are currently displayed.
    • Click the Un-Check All button to clear the current selections.
    • If a Topic Code has a multiple choice list, select one of the values from the drop-down list.
    • If a Topic Code is a Text or Numeric type, enter additional information in the fields provided. See the following example of Numeric and Text fields.

    Select Topic Codes

  4. If the topic code is a top-level category that has sub-topics, click the hyperlink to see the related items. Select one or more of the sub-topics, as necessary.
    • If a topic code has no sub-topics or children it will not be displayed as a hyperlink.

    Topic Code Sub-Topics

  5. Save and close the Topic Codes record.

    Selections made on a Topic Codes tab are saved when you close the record, even if you close the record without saving.

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