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About the Topic Codes Form

The Topic Codes record is where a topic code is defined. It contains information about when it is active, what entities connect to it, and what records are linked to it.

Topic Codes Form

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files that are relevant to the Topic Codes record.

General Tab


The Name field contains the name of the topic code as it will appear on any Topic Code tab.


A brief description of the topic code.


The Parent field is used to structure a parent/child relationship among the topic codes. The Parent field links to the Topic Codes service.


Active or inactive are the topic code status choices. Inactive allows the Topic Code record to exist but not appear on a Topic Code tab.


The Type field identifies whether a topic code is a code or a category (a category can have associated sub-topics identified using the Parent field on a sub-topic's record).

Value Type

The Value Type determines how the topic code will appear on the Topic Code tab. Options include: Yes/NoMultiple ChoiceNumeric, or Text.

Default Value

This field is implemented in Aptify 5.5.2. The Default Value field specifies the default value for a topic code that is displayed when the topic code is activated for the first time. When the Value Type field is set to NumericText, or Multiple Choice, the default value can be either no entry (blank), or a value of the same value type. That is, the default value for a Numeric value type would be a number or text for a Text value type. For a Multiple Choice value type, the default value can be one of the values defined for the topic code.

Start Date

The date the topic code goes into effect.

End Date

The date the topic code is no longer available. When the current date does not fall into the range specified by the Start and End Dates, the topic code does not appear on a service's Topic Code tab.

Ignore by CMS Tab

This tab is only applicable to organizations who have e-Business. e-Business uses this tab to support functionality in the CMS-Aptify User Synchronization wizard. See the Aptify e-Business 5.5 Developer Guide for details. Note that this tab is not visible by default. See Using the Form Template Tab Wizard for more information about adding a tab to a form.

Topic Code Entities Tab

The Topic Code Entities tab contains the names of the entities to which this topic code can connect. Assuming that the topic code is active and the current date falls within the range specified, the topic code appears on the Topic Codes tab for the services specified on this tab.

Topic Code Possible Values Tab

The Topic Code Possible Values tab stores the list of values a user can choose from for topic codes that have a Value Type of Multiple Choice.

Topic Code Links Tab

The Topic Code Links tab displays the Topic Code Links records associated with this topic code.

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