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About the Topic Code Links Form

Each time a user checks a topic code on a particular record, Aptify automatically creates a Topic Codes Links record to track this selection.

Topic Code Link Record

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Topic Code Links record.

General Tab

Topic Code

The name of the topic code that is linked to a record in a service. This field links to the Topic Codes service. If this form is opened from the Topic Code Links tab on the Topic Codes record, it is automatically populated with the topic code.


The name of the service that contains the record this topic code links to. This field links to the Entities service.

Record ID

This field stores the record ID of the record that the topic code is linked to. Taken together, the Entity and Record ID fields identify a single record in Aptify (such as Persons ID: 1).


The value of the topic code. If a topic code supports multiple selection (using the Multiple Choice type) or free text entry (using the Text or Numeric type), the value entered or selected by the user is stored in this field.


This field stores the status of the Topic Code Links record. Options include Active and Inactive. When a user unchecks a topic code on a record, Aptify automatically marks the corresponding Topic Code Links record as Inactive.

Date Added

This field stores the date on which the topic code link was created.

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