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Understanding Address and Phone Number Sharing Within Aptify

This topic describes how Aptify shares address and phone number information between Companies, Persons, and Orders. For information on how addresses are shared between Organizations and Employees, see Using Organization Management.

Also, address sharing from an administrative perspective is described in About the Aptify Address Management Logic.

Company to Person

When a user creates or opens a Persons record and specifies a company in the Company field, the following information flows down from the company to the person (if specified on the Companies record):

  • Company's Street Address to Person's Business Address
  • This includes the US Congress field for US addresses.
  • Company's Billing Address to Person's Billing Address
  • Company's Main Phone to Person's Phone
  • Company's Main Fax to Person's Fax

If a user subsequently modifies any of these fields on the Companies record, the system automatically applies these updates to the Persons record as well. Likewise, if a user clears the company for a particular Persons record and enters a new company instead, the Persons record inherits the contact information the new linked company.

However, if a user changes any of this information directly on the Persons record so that the person's information no longer matches the company's information for that field, any subsequent updates to that field on the Companies record are not applied to the  record.

This behavior prevents the system from overwriting a modified address or phone number for a person if that information is different from the company's contact information.
To relink a person to his or her company's address information, follow these steps:

  • Clear the Company field on the Persons record.
  • Save the record.
  • Re-enter the company in the Company field.
  • The person's address information updates automatically to match the company's.
  • Save the record.

Person to Order

When a user adds a person as the Ship To or Bill To person to an order, the person's Preferred Address and Phone automatically flow down to the Orders record.

If a user subsequently modifies the person's (or his or her company's) contact information, this updated information is not applied to the Orders record. The Orders record retains its original Ship To and Bill To contact information for record keeping and historical tracking purposes.

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