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About the Warehouse User Main Dashboard

The main dashboard for the Warehouse User profile includes the following elements:

  • Warehouse Main Button Bar: The top of the Warehouse user's main dashboard contains a button bar with the following buttons:
    • Pick List: Runs the packing list report for Orders that are ready to ship.
    • Inventory Transfer: Click this button to launch the Inventory Transfer wizard. See Using the Bulk Inventory Transfer Wizard for details.
    • New Inventory Adjustment: Click this button to open a new Product Inventory Ledger Entries record with Type set to Adjustment.
    • Most Recently Used Records: This instance of the Most Recently Used control provides quick access to recently viewed records and views by the current user. See Using the Desktop Client Most Recently Used Dashboard for details.
    • Requires Fulfillment: This chart view displays Orders that have one or more order lines that require fulfillment by state or region. Clicking on a section of the chart opens the Ready to Ship (Physical) list view that displays the Orders that require physical fulfillment for the selected state or region.
    • Inventory Products: This is a list view of all inventory-based products. The view includes hierarchies that displays related product inventory ledger and inventory on order information for a particular product. Note that this view is collapsed by default but a user can expand and collapse dashboard parts as needed using the caption button (click the plus sign to expand and the minus sign to collapse).

Warehouse User Main Dashboard

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