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Transferring Product Inventory Manually

Follow these steps to move inventory between two Inventory Locations using the Purchases/Adjustments sub-tab on a Products record's Inventory tab.

In the instructions below, the location that product is being moved from is referred to as the source location and the location that product is being moved to is referred to as the destination location.

  1. Open the Products record for the product to be transferred between locations.
  2. Click the Inventory tab.
  3. Click the Purchases/Adjustments sub-tab.
    • The left panel displays a hierarchical tree of organizations and their corresponding inventory locations. Note that the left panel does not show all organizations but only those inventory locations that have a Product Inventory Ledger record with the product. Organizations appear with the blue building icon and inventory locations have the product icon.
    • The right panel displays the Products in the Warehouse window, which reports inventory information for the product at the selected location.
      • If you select a specific inventory location, then only the product inventory ledger information for that particular product/location appears.
      • If you select an organization that has multiple locations or is the parent for an organization that has multiple locations, then data from all of the relevant product inventory ledgers appear in this window.

  4. Confirm that the source location appears in the Products in the Warehouse window. This is the location that you want to transfer inventory out of.
    • If it does not appear, select the appropriate organization or location from the left panel so the source location appears in the Products in the Warehouse window.

  5. Select the source location in the Products in the Warehouse window.
  6. Hold down the left mouse button and drag the cursor to the destination location in the left panel. This should be the location to which you want to move inventory.
    • In the example in the figure below, the Backup Warehouse is the source location and the Widget Warehouse is the destination location. 

      Drag Cursor to Transfer Inventory
  7. Release the left mouse button.
    • The Inventory Transfer dialog appears.

  8. Enter the quantity you want to move from the source location to the destination location in the Quantity to Transfer field.

    Inventory Transfer Dialog
  9. Click OK to execute the transfer. Then, click OK again when prompted that the transfer is complete. 
    • The quantity listed in the Quantity Available column on the Purchases/Adjustments tab for the inventory locations involved in the transfer now reflect the transferred amount.
    • During the transfer process, Aptify automatically creates two Product Inventory Ledger Entries (PILEs) with Type set to Transfer: the entry for the source location is a negative quantity (as shown in figure) and the entry for the destination location is a positive quantity.
    • Note that the Unit Cost for the transfer is zero for both PILEs since this operation does not impact the cost of the units (the cost data from the initial Purchase PILE is still used by the system).

Transfer From PILE

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