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Cancelling an Order with an ACH Payment

Perform the following steps when using the Order Cancellation wizard to cancel an order that was paid using the ACH payment type:

  1. Cancel the order as described in Using the Order Cancellation Wizard.
    • The system verifies whether the order has been settled (order has shipped and the payment has been authorized and captured).
  2. If the order has been settled, the system automatically runs the ePayment Capture wizard, cancels the order, and a refund is generated.
    • The original Payment should have a new authorization record with the Auth Type field set to Capture. The Refund Payment will also have an Authorization record with the Auth Type set to Capture.
  3. If the order has not been settled, the order is cancelled and the Status Info field on the Details tab of the Payments record is updated to indicate that the transaction has been voided.
    • If the payment has also not been captured, the refund process through the wizard initiates the capture process automatically.
    • If the payment has not been authorized by the bank, the refund payment is created with the Auth Type set to Capture.

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