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Creating Payment Types

The default payment types may provide all the functionality that an organization requires. In this case, simply tie the payment types to appropriate GL accounts in Aptify. However, an organization may want to add payment types, for example, to facilitate creating views of a particular type of payment. A Gift Certificates type (similar to Credit Memos) is an example of a payment type that is not included in the default data set.

Along with following the steps below to create the new payment, consider the following guidelines when creating a new payment type:

Multi-entity accounting is handled through a Multi-Entity Check payment type. See Setting Up Multi-Entity Accounting Structures for information on setting up multi-entity accounting. 

Follow the steps below to create a new Payment Types record. Also, see About the Payment Types Form for more information on this form.

  1. Open a new record from the Payment Types service.
  2. In the Name field, enter a name for the payment type.
  3. Enter a Description of the payment type.
  4. Select the base type from the Type list.
  5. If a payment type results in a inflow of funds, select the Inflow option. See About Determining Inflow for more information.
  6. If you want to specify a Refund Voucher that should be used when cancelling a payment of this type, select the appropriate voucher type from the drop-down list.
    • Aptify supports the ability to define multiple Refund Voucher payment types so that each particular payment type can be linked to a corresponding Refund Voucher (which is in turn linked to its appropriate GL accounts).
    • When a user creates a refund using the Order Cancellation wizard, the wizard will automatically generate a refund voucher using the Refund Voucher payment type linked to the order's original payment type. If a Refund Voucher is not specified for a particular payment type, the wizard uses the order's original Payment Type as the Refund Voucher for the cancellation order.
    • Note that for orders paid by a credit card, the proper behavior is to apply the refund to the credit card. Therefore, an organization should leave the Refund Voucher field blank for Credit Card payment types. This will allow the wizard to refund money back to the credit card used to pay for the original order.
    • This Refund Voucher functionality is only applicable when a refund is generated by the Order Cancellation wizard. If a user creates a Cancellation Order manually, the user can select any valid Payment Type as the method for issuing the refund.
  7. If you want this Payment Type to support pre-paid deposits (also known as advance payments), specify a pre-paid deposit product that the system will use to generate a credit memo order for the advance payment in the Gen. Credit Memo Product field.
  8. Ensure the Active option is selected to allow this payment type to be available for selection as a payment method on new Payments records.

    New Payment Type
  9. Select the Service Charge tab.
  10. If the payment type incurs a service charge when used, select the Apply Service Charge option, and fill out the appropriate fields for the details of the service charge applied. See About Determining Service Charges for more information.
  11. On the GL Accounts tab, specify which cash account the payment type uses. At least one GL Account is required for each payment type created. See About Determining GL Account for more information.
  12. If this Payment Type only applies to a particular set of Organizations, click the Filters tab and specify the appropriate organizations. See About Determining Filters for more information.
  13. Click the Comments tab and enter any additional information about this payment type.
  14. Save and close the record.

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