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Creating Follow-Up Contact Logs

.Follow these steps to create a follow-up record for an existing Contact Log entry:

  1. Open the original Contact Log record when a new follow-up conversation occurs at the date and time specified in the log's Next Contact Date/Time field.

  2. Click the Create Follow-Up button on the Next Contact tab.
    • This button is only available for saved Contact Log records that have a Next Contact Date/Time specified. 
    • When this button is clicked, Aptify automatically opens a new Contact Log record that has the following fields pre-populated: 
      • Date: Populates with the Next Contact Date/Time from the original Contact Log record.
      • Description: Populates with the Reason from the original Contact Log's Next Contact tab.
      • Type and Category: Populates with the same Type and Category as the original Contact Log record.
      • Parent: Populates with the description from the original Contact Log record.

        Follow-Up Contact Log Entry

      • Links: Populates with the links from the original Contact Log record. It also adds a new link for the original, parent Contact Log record.

  3. Enter the contact log's Details and complete any other fields as needed.
  4. Save the record.
    • The follow-up record appears under the Follow Ups tab of the original Contact Logs record.

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