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Creating Contact Log Records

This topic describes how to create a new Contact Log entry:

  1. Open a new record from the Contact Log service.
    • The Contact Log service appears in several applications by default, including the Customer Management and Order Entry applications.
    • You can also open a new Contact Log record from any form that has a Contact Log tab.
    • You can also create Contact Log records from Outlook, if the Aptify Outlook add-in is installed in your environment. See Using the Desktop Version of the Aptify Outlook Add-In for more information.

  2. The Date field is automatically populated with the current date and time. Change this if necessary.

  3. Enter information specific to the contact in the Description field and on the Details tab.

  4. Select the contact type from the Type list box.
    • Standard options may include Phone, Sent Mail, Email, Fax, Meeting, Planned Contact, Online, Bulk email, and Voice mail. This field links to the Contact Log Types service.
    • For more information on adding new Contact Log Type records, see Creating Contact Log Types.

  5. Specify a Category for the Contact Log.
  6. Specify the contact's Direction: Outbound from the organization or Inbound from the customer/member.

    Contact Log Record
  7. If this item is closed and does require a follow-up, change the Status to Complete. If this item requires a follow-up, leave the Status set to Incomplete and enter information about the next contact on the Next Contact tab.
  8. Save the record. 
    • The Creator field automatically populates with the user's ID when the record is saved.

  9. If you left the contact Status as Incomplete, return to this record at the date and time you specified for the Next Contact. Click the Create Follow-Up button to automatically open a new follow-up Contact Log record so you can record the details of the new contact.

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