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Adding Persons to Companies Records

Companies and Persons records contain information about customers or members of the organization. In Aptify, a Persons record may be associated with a Companies record (typically, a person is associated with his or her employer's Companies record). You can add a new person to the system Persons service (see Creating a Persons Record ) or you can add a person from his or her associated company's Persons tab.

Follow these steps to add a person from a Companies record:

  1. Open the Companies record.
  2. Click the Persons tab.
  3. Click the New icon to open a new Persons record.
    • The Company field populates automatically with the current company. The system automatically populates the person's Work Address, Work Phone, and Work Fax with the corresponding information from the Companies record.

  4. Enter the name of the person and any other necessary information. 
  5. Save the Persons record.
    • The Persons tab of the Companies record updates to list the new person.

  6. Save the Companies record.

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