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Generating Email Addresses for Persons

One of the predefined entity bulk operations for Aptify is the email Generator operation. This allows an organization to automatically generate email addresses for persons associated with a particular company instead of entering them manually.

The email Generator is only effective when all Persons in a company share the same naming convention and domain for email addresses. If this is not the case, this Entity Bulk Operation should not be performed.


  1. Open the Companies record where email addresses are to be generated and click the Organization tab.
  2. In the DomainName field, enter the name of the default domain for the company (for example, companyname.com).
  3. In the EmailPattern field, enter the default pattern for email address naming convention is defined. To set a pattern, use field tags. Several examples are listed below: 
    • Where the email addresses are the persons' first name and last name, the EmailPattern would be: <<FirstName>><<LastName>>. Example: jane-doe@companydomain.com
    • Where the email addresses are only the persons' last name, the EmailPattern would be: <<LastName>>. Example: doe@companydomain.com
    • Where the email addresses are the persons' first initial, followed by the last name, the EmailPattern would be: <<FirstName, 1>><<LastName>>. Example: jdoe@companydomain.com
    • EmailPattern can also include non-alphanumeric characters. Where the email addresses are the persons' first name followed by an underscore and then the last name, the EmailPattern would be: <<FirstName>>_<<LastName>>. Example: jane_doe@companydomain.com

  4. Save the Companies record once the DomainName and Email Pattern fields have been populated correctly.
  5. Select the Persons tab of the Companies record.
  6. Click the Entity Bulk Operations button at the top of the Persons tab, to display the Entity Bulk Operations wizard.
  7. Click Next, and select the Generate Email Addresses operation from the list.

    If Generate Email Addresses does not appear in the list, the user does not have the permissions needed to run this operation. Contact a system administrator to obtain the correct permissions. 

  8. Click Next and click Finish to run the Generate Email Addresses bulk operation.

  9. Once the bulk operation has successfully completed, refresh the Persons tab. All Persons records that did not previously have defined email addresses now have email addresses that follow the email pattern described on the Contacts tab of the Companies form. 

    Only those Persons records that did not already have an email address are affected by the bulk operation. This bulk operation will not override existing email address data.

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