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Other Methods for Expanding Scheduled Transaction Groups

In addition to the process described above for expanding Scheduled Transaction Groups, Aptify also supports three other methods to expand these groups into their corresponding Scheduled Transactions:

  1. During Scheduled Transaction Batching: During the batching process for Scheduled Transactions record, the Batches wizard expands all pending Scheduled Transaction Groups. See Creating General Ledger Batches in the Desktop Client for details.
  2. Periodically using a Scheduled Task: An organization can create a Process Flow that uses the Scheduled Transaction Group Expansion By Product process component to automatically expand Scheduled Transaction Groups on a pre-determined schedule (as specified in a Scheduled Tasks record). The Scheduled Task fires the Process Flow at the specified time, and an Application Server then expands the scheduled transactions. See About the Process Pipeline Standard Configuration Items for more information.
  3. Automatically each time a Scheduled Transaction Group Is created: Aptify provides a Process Flow and Event Handler that automatically expands a Scheduled Transaction Group each time a new group is created. Note that this process flow is for testing and demonstration purposes. It is not intended for use on a production system since it adds unnecessary overhead and defeats the purpose of creating a Scheduled Transaction Group in the first place (which is to provide greater efficiency during the order save process). See About the Process Pipeline Standard Configuration Item for more information. 

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