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Expanding Scheduled Transaction Groups

The process of generating the actual Scheduled Transactions records from the Scheduled Transaction Groups record is known as Expanding Scheduled Transaction Groups. The process may be invoked at any time by choosing the Expand Scheduled Transaction Groups icon from the toolbar in any Scheduled Transaction Groups view.

Note that Aptify recommends that Scheduled Transaction Group expansion occur after hours, since the process may be resource intensive (depending on how many groups you are expanding).

Follow these steps to expand a Scheduled Transaction Group:

  1. Open or create a view in the Scheduled Transaction Groups service that lists all the scheduled transaction groups to be expanded.
    • The Scheduled Transaction Groups service is located in the Accounting application.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Expand Scheduled Transaction Groups icon in the view toolbar.
    • Right-click within the view and select Scheduled Transaction Groups Options > Expand Groups...
      Launch Expansion Process

  3. Click Yes when prompted to begin the expansion process.The wizard expands all Scheduled Transaction Groups within the view whose Status is set to Pending.
  4. Click OK when prompted that the process is complete.

Once a scheduled transaction group has been expanded, the Status field in the Scheduled Transactions Groups record changes from Pending to Completed. The Status field is also disabled once the records are expanded to prevent a user from manually changing the status back to Pending and expanding the records again.

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