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About the Scheduled Transaction Groups Form

Aptify automatically creates Scheduled Transaction Groups records during the order save process for each product on the order that generates deferred income. See About Scheduled Transactions and GL Accounts for details.

Scheduled Transaction Groups

Attachments Tab

The Attachments tab lists any files relevant to the Scheduled Transaction Groups record. This tab becomes available when the record is first saved.

General Tab

Order (Required)

The Order field indicates the ID of the Orders record that generated this Scheduled Transaction Group when the order shipped.

Product (Required)

The Product field indicates the Id of the Products record associated with this group. Aptify generates a scheduled transaction group for each product on an order that has deferred income.

Start Date (Required)

The Start Date field indicates the start date for the Scheduled Transaction Groups record.

Gross Revenue (Required)

Total value of transactions in the group.

Discount Amount (Required)

The Discount Amount field indicates the amount of discount for the record, if applicable.

Quantity (Required)

The Quantity field indicates the number of units purchased of the Product.

Bill To (Required)

The Bill To person from the order. This field links to the Persons service.

Subscriber (Required)

The Ship To person from the order. This field links to the Persons service.

Order Level (Required)

The Generic Ledger (GL) Order Level for the Scheduled Transaction Group. This identifies the set of GL accounts the system will use when creating scheduled transactions. This information flows down from the order.

Currency Type (Required)

The Currency Type for the Scheduled Transaction Group. This information matches the currency type of the corresponding Order.

Currency Spot Rate

If the scheduled transaction group's Currency Type is not the functional currency for the organization specified on the corresponding Orders record, this field indicates the currency spot rate that the system will use when generating the scheduled transactions.

Status (read-only)

A Pending Scheduled Transaction Group indicates that the group has not yet been expanded into its Scheduled Transactions. After expanding a group, the status changes to Complete.

Status Reason

If a Scheduled Transaction Group has a status of Pending, you can track a reason for its current status from this drop-down list. Standard options include Rejected, Deferred, and On Hold. This field is removed from the form after the Scheduled Transaction Group has been expanded.

Scheduled Transactions Tab

The Scheduled Transactions tab lists all scheduled transactions created by expanding this Scheduled Transaction Group.

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