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Note to Administrators Regarding the DefaultOrganizationID Entity Attribute

As described in About the Scheduled Transactions Form, each Scheduled Transactions record is tied to an Organization, which in turn identifies the functional currency for the transaction. In most cases, Aptify automatically populates a Scheduled Transaction's Organization field with the organization identified on the corresponding order. However, for transactions that do not involve an order (such as a Donor Advised Fund Allocation) or if the order's organization cannot be determined, the system then uses the organization whose ID is specified in the DefaultOrganizationID entity attribute.

This entity attribute is not defined by default. Therefore, an administrator should identify a default organization during the initial configuration of the Aptify system. Follow these steps to configure the entity attribute:

  1. Login to Aptify as a system administrator.
  2. From the Entities service, open the Organizations record.
  3. Click the Configuration > Attributes tab.
    Setting the DefaultOrganizationID Attribute
  4. Open the DefaultOrganizationID attribute and replace the default value (-1) with the ID of the Organization that should be used as the system's default in cases where an organization is required but has not been defined by another means. (This is particularly important when the system needs to identify the Functional Currency to use for a particular transaction).
  5. Click OK to close the Attributes record.
  6. Save and close the Entities record.

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