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Creating a List Box Prompt View

With a List Box prompt, the user can only select from a list of possible values; the user cannot manually enter a value that is not on the list. Aptify recommends that you use this prompt type when there are only a few values to display, since all of the values appear in a single box.

Follow these steps to create a List Box prompt view:

  1. Open the View Properties dialog for a new or existing view.
    • For new views in the Desktop client, right-click a service and select Create View from the pop-up menu.
    • For new views in the web interface, open a service and select More Actions > Create View.
    • For existing views in the Desktop client, right-click within the view and select View Properties from the pop-up menu.
    • For existing views in the web interface, open the view and click the Properties button in the view toolbar. 
  2. Enter a Name and Description (for new views).
  3. Select the Filters tab.
  4. Enter a Service, Field, and Operator in the first line of the Filters statement.

    You cannot use the In List, Is Blank, and Is Not Blank operators with a Prompt view.

  5. Click the Show Advanced button.
  6. Click the Prompt Wizard button.
    • The first screen of the Prompt wizard displays with a message to select the prompt control type.
  7. Select the List Box prompt type and click Next.
    List Box Prompt Type
    • Enter the values that you want to include in the drop-down list.
    • Each value should appear in a separate row.
    • After adding a value, press the down arrow key to add a blank row below the current row. Then, to add additional values, click within a blank row and enter the value or right-click within an existing row and select Add Value from the pop-up menu.
    • To delete a value, first select an existing row. Then right-click the row and select Remove Value from the pop-up menu.

       Add or Remove a Value
  8. Click Next after you have added the list of values.
  9. Enter an optional default value, if desired.
    • If you enter a default value, that value will be highlighted within the list box each time you run the view.
  10. Edit the prompt caption, if desired.
    • The default caption defaults to a combination of the filter's Field and Operator (such as Name Exactly Matches). This caption appears in the prompt view when the view is run.
  11. Click Finish to close the Prompt wizard.
    • The wizard automatically populates the filter's Value field with the necessary SQL statement to generate the prompt box.
  12. Click OK to close the View Properties dialog and run the view.
  13. In the list box prompt dialog, select a value from the list box, or make no change if you want to use the default value.
  14. Click OK to display the results of the view.
  15. To select a new value, refresh the view using one of the following methods:
    • Click the Refresh button in the View Toolbar.
    • Right-click within the view and select Refresh from the pop-up menu.
    • Right-click the view's icon in the Navigation Bar (or Folder List) and select Refresh from the pop-up menu.

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