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Creating Prompt Views

Aptify supports dynamic views that prompt you to enter a filter value each time the view is opened or refreshed.

For example, you can create a prompt view that displays the Persons affiliated with a particular Company. If you want to display the Persons affiliated with Company X, you open the view and enter "Company X" in the prompt box. If you want to see the Persons affiliated with Company Y, you can refresh the view and enter "Company Y" in the prompt box to display a different set of records.

Aptify provides a Prompt wizard that helps you setup prompt views. The wizard supports four types of prompt views:

  • Text Prompt: The prompt includes a text box in which a user can enter a value.
  • Drop Down Prompt: The prompt includes a drop-down list. A user can either manually enter a value or select one from the list.
  • List Box Prompt: The prompt provides a list of the available options. A user can only select a value from the pre-defined list.
  • Between Prompt: The prompt includes text boxes in which a user can enter a From and To value.
  • Drop Down (SQL Query) Prompt: The prompt includes a dynamically-created drop-down list, based on an SQL query created by an administrator.


For the sake of simplicity, the following sections describe how to create a Prompt view using a single Filter statement. However, advanced users can create Prompt views that use multiple filter statements, including multiple prompts.

Note that you cannot use the In List, Is Blank, and Is Not Blank operators with a Prompt view. Also, not all view functions, including certain wizards and view scheduling, will work with a prompt view.


The processes for creating prompt views are described in the following topics:

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