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Modifying the Font in a List View

Follow the below steps to change the font used in the entire view:

  1. Click the Format tab in the Create View or View Properties dialog and select the Use Custom Formatting for this View option.
  2. Click the Settings... button to open the font settings dialog.
    • The Underline option is grayed out on the Font sub-tab. This feature is not currently available.

      Format Tab - Settings

  3. Configure the following options in the Font dialog:
    • Font: Select the font in which the text will be displayed.
    • Font style: Select the text's style. Options include Regular (no formatting), ItalicBold, and Bold Italic.
    • Size: Select the text's size. Options range from 8 point to 72 point. Note that you can only select from the values displayed in the size list.
    • Script: You can select the font's script from the list of available script types. Note that this option is not currently supported. A font uses its default script type (typically Western).
    • For example, you could set the Font to Arial, the Font style to Italic, and the Size to 10, as shown below. The Sample box provides an example of how the text will look using your current selections.
      Font Settings Dialog
  4. Click OK to return to the Font sub-tab.
  5. To change the text color, click the ellipsis (...) button in the Text Color field to open the Color dialog. Then, choose the new text color and click OK.
  6. Click OK to save your changes to the view's font and to load the view.
    • In the example shown below, the view's text is blue in Arial 10 pt italics.
      View with Modified Font

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