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Defining View Hierarchies

Many records in Aptify have sub-type records or are linked to records in other services. For example, a person can have multiple functions, which are stored in the Person Functions sub-type. Also, there can be multiple Contact Log records linked to the same person. Aptify saves contact logs in their own Contact Log top-level service but a user can see the list of Contact Logs associated with a person from the Person form's Contact Log tab.

A user can display sub-type and linked record information for a top-level record directly within a view; the user does not need to open the record first in order to review information about related records.

Aptify refers to this ability to display a record's sub-type and related records as hierarchical viewing since related records appear below a top-level record. For each service, the system can display any of the service's sub-types and those related services with which the top-level service has a one-to-many relationship.

A sub-type is typically a tab on a form that contains a list of records. Within the tab, you can add, remove, or organize the sub-type records as necessary. For example, in a Persons record, the list of functions that person performs are displayed on the Functions tab. Person Functions is a sub-type of Persons. See Using the Sub-Type Tab Listing for more information.

A link box on a form typically represents a one-to-many relationship. For example, the Person field on a Payments form is a one-to-many relationship between Persons and Payments (a Person can make multiple payments, but each payment is made by one person). Therefore, you can create a hierarchical view of the Persons service to display the Payments associated with each Person.

When you click the Hierarchy tab on a View Properties dialog, Aptify automatically displays the list of available hierarchies that you can add to the view based on the selected service's relationship with other entities in the system.

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