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Creating a Hierarchical List View

Follow these steps to add sub-type and/or related record information to a List view:

  1. Open the View Properties dialog for a new or existing List view.
    • For new views, right-click a service and select Create View from the pop-up menu.
    • For existing views, right-click within the view and select View Properties from the pop-up menu.

  2. Enter a Name and Description (for new views).
  3. Click the Hierarchy tab.
    View Hierarchy Tab
  4. Select the Include column for the sub-types and/or one-to-many relationships that you want to display in the view.

    For best results, try to create targeted views that display only the required information, thereby minimizing the number of hierarchies that you include in the view. If you add too many hierarchies, you may find the view difficult to navigate.

  5. For each related top-level entity that you selected, you can specify a view for the hierarchy listing, if desired. This view specifies the amount and layout of the information that is displayed for the records when you expand the hierarchy in the main view.

    • Click in Hierarchy's Manage View field to display an ellipsis (...) button.
    • Click the ellipsis (...) button to open the Select a Sub View dialog.

      Specifying Sub-View for Hierarchy
    • Use the Sub-View link box to specify an existing view for the related service. To create a new view for the hierarchy, click the Views link to open a new Views record
    • Click OK to close the Select a Sub View dialog.
    • If you leave the Manage View field blank, the related records will use the default view for that service.

    The Manage View option is only available for top-level entities; it is not available for sub-types. For sub-types, the sub view displays the sub-type's default view.

  6. Click OK twice to load the view.

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