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About the Survey Management Services

Aptify provides all of the components necessary for an administrator to create surveys and make them available to Web users on an organization's e-Business Web site. The e-Business installation program adds the following survey-specific services to Aptify under the Surveys application heading:

  • Surveys (Question Trees): Each Surveys record represents a different survey. Surveys are also referred to as Question Trees.
  • Survey Questions (Question Branches): The questions that make up a particular -survey, also referred to as Question Branches. Survey Questions are linked to a specific Survey record and to other Survey Questions. The organization of Survey Questions within a Survey specifies the order in which Questions appear in the survey.
  • Questions: This service contains the configured survey questions. Each Survey Question (Question Branch) specifies a Question. Each Question contains a list of possible Survey Answers. Web users see the possible Answers in the same order that they appear within a Question's Possible Answers tab. Note that the same Question can appear in multiple surveys. However, you cannot modify a Question once it has been answered by a survey participant.
  • Question Types: This service defines the available formats for Questions, such as multiple choice with a drop-down menu, multiple choice with check boxes, and short answer. Aptify provides seven default Question Types. Administrators familiar with XSL (Extensible Style Language) can create additional Question Types. See About Survey Question Types for more information on the default Question Types.
  • Answers: This service contains the possible answers to Questions.
  • Survey Results: This service contains the records created when web users complete a survey on the organization's web site. Aptify can associate users who are logged in to the Web site with his/her survey results (depending on the survey's Tracking Type).
  • Survey Results Export:  This service allows the end user to export all the survey results for a specific survey to the Excel Workbook in a tabular format for better analysis of the results.

    Survey results can only be exported to a shared folder on on the web server.

  • Survey Participants: This service identifies the Web users who have taken a particular survey.
  • Survey Categories: This service groups similar Answers, Questions, and Surveys together for searching purposes. For example, all Questions that measure customer -satisfaction can be added to a single Customer Satisfaction category.
  • Survey Delivery Types: This service identifies how the survey is delivered to end users (using methods such as fax, e-mail, postal mail, and the web). This service includes one builtin record (Web). Each survey can support multiple delivery types. You must add at least one Web delivery type to a Survey before the survey will appear on the e-Business web site.
  • Survey Tracking Types: This service determines if a user's identity is stored with the user's survey results. When set to Anonymous, Aptify does not associate a user with survey results. When set to Identify, Aptify associates a user with -survey results; only Web users who are logged into the system will have access to the survey. When set to Mixed, all users have access to the survey, and Aptify associates a user with the survey results if the user is logged into the system at the time he/she takes the survey.
  • Survey Status: This service identifies the status of a survey. Default options include Planning, In Progress, Complete, and Closed. When set to Planning, a survey will not appear on the Web site. When set to In Progress, a survey is available for users to take on the Web site (assuming that the survey is set to use a Web delivery type). When set to Complete, the survey no longer appears in the Survey List for new users; however, the survey is still available to Web users who already took the survey so they review their answers (this assumes that the users were logged into the Web site when they took the survey and the -survey's Tracking Type is set to Identify or Mixed). When set to Closed, the survey no longer appears in the Survey List for any Web users.
  • Survey Capture Modes: This service identifies the amount of information that is saved and stored for each survey result. At this time, the Survey Capture Modes service supports only one option: Full Results.
  • Survey Style Sheets: This service stores the cascading style sheets that can define a survey's appearance on the e-Business web site. This service includes four sample style sheets.
  • Survey List Style Sheets: This service stores the cascading style sheets that control the appearance of the Survey Center on an e-Business web site. This is the list of available surveys that is displayed after a Web user clicks the Surveys menu option. This service includes two sample style sheets that are used to format the Survey Center by default.

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