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Editing Surveys

This topic describes how to edit existing surveys using the available survey management tools:


Important Note

You can only modify a question, an answer, or a survey's structure if the survey's Status is Planning.

If a survey is in progress and if a user has not taken the survey on the e-Business site, the sequence of the questions cannot be changed. However new questions and existing questions can be added to the survey, and questions can be deleted.

Unless the survey's Status is Planning, Aptify prohibits changes to a survey's questions, answers, and structure once a respondent has taken the survey because any modifications after this point would invalidate the respondent's results and could cause inconsistencies between dependent records.

Surveys Panel View

Starting in Aptify 5.5.3, the Surveys Panel View in the Aptify web interface can be used to edit the information about and within an existing survey. The Survey Panel View enables the user to access the records associated with the survey, the questions within the survey, and their related answers. For more information about using the Surveys Panel View, see About the Surveys Panel View.

Surveys Administration Dashboard


Starting in Aptify 5.5.3, the Surveys Administration Dashboard is not the default dashboard. To display the Survey Administration Dashboard in Aptify 5.5.3, click Options in the Survey Management bar and select Switch Dashboards > Surveys Administration.


To edit a Survey or one its Survey Questions in the Surveys Administration dashboard, right-click the entry and edit or remove the selected item. Deleting a Survey Question also deletes all of the Survey Questions that follow it.

To edit a Question or Answer, you can create a view of the specified Service and edit the records as necessary.



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