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About the Order Lines Area

The Lines area of the Orders form displays the individual order lines that comprise the order. Each order line corresponds to one or more units of a particular product.

Order Lines Area
Each order line displays the following information on the Orders form:

  • Click for Details: When a user places the mouse cursor in this column, a message appears. A user clicks this column to open the Order Line Details form. See Specifying Order Line Details for details.
  • Line: The order line's position in the order.
  • Type: This column displays the product's Product Type (such as General or Meeting) through the appropriate icon. For the extended product types (Meeting, Publication, Housing, and Expo), when a user places the mouse cursor next to the Line column, a Click for Details message appears. Clicking here opens a details form that is specific to that product type. See Ordering Other Types of Products for more information on ordering extended products.
  • Product ID: The ID of the order line's product.
  • Product: The name of the product on the order line. When a user places the mouse cursor in this column, a message appears. A user can click the product name to open the Products record associated with the line item.
  • Description: This column displays the contents of the product's Description field, as specified on the Products record.
    • For extended product types (Meetings, Expos, Housing, etc...) this field also displays details for the product. For example, when ordering a Meeting Product, the description field would also include the attendee. This prevents the user from having to open each Order Line to view the details. See Using Product Setup and Maintenance for more information
  • Quantity: The number of units ordered for this product.
  • Price: The price per unit that the organization is charging the Bill To person/company.
  • Discount: This column displays any discount percentage that has been applied to the order line, if applicable. Typically, this automatically applied when the order is linked to a campaign.
  • Extended: This is the total value of the order line (the Quantity x Price minus any applicable discount).

    See Adding an Order Line for information on how to add order lines to an order.

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