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Rearranging the Orders Form

This topic describes how you can modify the areas on the Orders form to suit your particular needs when working with a record.

This topic covers the following :

Resize Areas

You can resize the entire Orders form or the height of the areas on the form as desired. For example, if your order contains a large number of Order Lines, you can expand the height of the Lines area to display all of the lines on-screen.

When you change the height of an area in the Orders form, the system automatically stores your preferences for future use. Therefore, any changes you make to the height of the areas is retained even after you close and reopen Aptify. Note that any changes you make to the area heights do not impact the appearance of the Orders form for other users.

Follow these steps to resize an area:

  1. Place the mouse cursor between two areas until it turns into a double-headed arrow (as shown in the figure below).
  2. Hold down the left mouse button and drag up or down to resize the areas as necessary.
    • Drag up to shrink the area(s) above and expand the area(s) below.
    • Drag down to expand the area(s) above and shrink the area(s) below. 

      Resizing Order Form Areas  
  3. After the areas are the desired size, release the left mouse button.


Modifying Tab Layout in Order Entry Area

A user can add, remove, and rearrange the tabs in the Order Entry and Summary areas using the standard Form Template tools. See Editing Form Template Appearance for details.

Depending on your system's Organization Order Permissions, you may not have the necessary permissions to add certain tabs to the Orders form. See Specifying Organization Order Permissions for details.

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