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About the Order Entry Area

The Order Entry area of the Orders form includes seven tabs that store information related to the order.

Order Entry Area
The seven tabs are described below in the order in which they appear by default. For a definition of each field on a tab, see About Order Entry Forms.


Depending on your system's Organization Order Permissions, one or more of these tabs may not appear when you open an Orders form. See Specifying Organization Order Permissions for details.

Customer Tab

This tab displays the order's shipping and billing information. It also includes the Order Date which is automatically populated when a user opens a new order. This tab also includes the Order Type field which specified whether or not the order is a Company or Individual order. See Entering Customer and Order Information for more information on this tab.

Shipping Tab

If the order required fulfillment, this tab stores information about when and how the order was shipped. See Shipping Orders and Placing Back Orders for information on shipping orders.

Accounting Tab

The Accounting tab stores information related to the financial aspect of the order including payment details. It contains the Organization, Taken By, Sales Rep and Opportunity fields and six sub-tabs:

  • Taken By: The system automatically populates the Taken By field located on the Accounting tab, with your name when you open a new order. If your name does not appear in this field, you must manually enter your Employees record in the Taken By field before you can save an order.
    • If your name does not appear in the Taken By field automatically, contact your system administrator for assistance. Your user may not be linked to an Employees record.
  • Organization: This field links to the Organization service and stores details on the Organization associated with the order. The system automatically populates this field with the organization tied to the employee specified in the Taken By field.
  • Sales Rep: This field links to the Persons service and stores the details about sales representative responsible for the order.
  • Opportunity: This field links to the Opportunities service and links the order to a new or existing Opportunity.
  • Order Payments Tab: This tab stores information concerning how a customer has paid or will pay for an order.
  • GL Entries Tab: When an order is saved with an Order Status of Shipped, Aptify automatically generates General Ledger (GL) entries for the order. These GL entries appear on this tab. Note that this tab is blank until after an order has been marked as shipped. See About Orders and GL Accounts for more information.
  • Deferred Income Tab: If revenue from one or more products is recognized at a date in the future, Aptify automatically creates Scheduled Transactions records to transfer funds from a deferred income GL account to a sales GL account on a specified day. This typically applies to subscriptions (where a portion of the revenue is recognized periodically over the duration of the subscription) or meetings (where revenue is typically recognized on the day of the meeting). This tab displays any Scheduled Transactions records that apply to this order. Note that this tab is blank until after the order has been marked as shipped and the order's Scheduled Transaction Group has been expanded. See About Scheduled Transactions and GL Accounts for more information.
  • Payment Schedule Tab: If a purchaser intends to pay for the order on an installment plan, you can use the Payment Schedule Type option to automatically create Payment Schedules. For new orders you can also create a purchaser's payment schedule directly on the Orders record's Summary. See Recording a Payment Schedule for more details.
  • Mark A/R to Market Tab: Displays all Mark-to-Market foreign currency adjustment transactions for orders in a foreign currency (that is, orders not in the organization's functional currency). Scheduled Transactions related to Deferred Income continue to appear under the Accounting > Deferred Income tab. See Configuring for Foreign Currency Transactions for information on working with multiple currencies.
  • Currency Spot Rates Tab: Aptify supports taking orders in multiple currencies, depending on the business practices of your organization. If you are creating an order in a foreign currency, Aptify records the effective currency spot rate between the foreign currency and your organization's functional currency under a variety of conditions, and these spot rates appear on this tab. See Using Currency Spot Rates for details.

Accounting Tab

Cancellations Tab

This tab displays a view of any cancellation orders linked to this order. See Cancelling Orders for details.

Subscriptions Tab

This tab displays a view of any Subscriptions records generated when this order was marked as shipped. This tab applies only to those orders for one or more subscription products. See Managing Subscriptions for information on subscriptions.

Comments Tab

On this tab, a user can enter any optional comments concerning this order. All comments from the original order will flow into a cancellation order or a cloned order.

Attachments Tab

On this tab, a user can attach any documents relevant to this order.

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