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About the Bulk Order Customers Form

Bulk Order Customers records specify the products that are added to orders generated by a Bulk Order process.

Bulk Order Customers Record

Comments Tab

Optional comments concerning this record.

General Tab


Specifies if the customer is a Person or a Company. If Company, the Bulk Order process will automatically identify the person linked to that company with the lowest ID and use that person as the Ship To and/or Bill To person on the generated order.

Ship To

The Ship To person for the generated order.

Ship To Company

The Ship To company for the generated order.

Bill To

The Bill To person for the generated order.

Bill To Company

The Bill To company for the generated order.


When selected, the system automatically generated this record based on an entry that appeared in the source view when a user ran the Bulk Order wizard. When cleared, this indicates that a user manually added this record at a later point after the wizard generated the initial set of records.


The Status of this record. When set to Pending, an order has not been generated yet. The system automatically sets this to In Progress while generating the order. When an order has been successfully generated, the system changes the Status to Completed. If an error occurs while attempting to generate the order, the system sets the status for this record to Error.


Specifies the ID of the order generated for this Bulk Order Customer.

Overrides Tab

Specifies product overrides for this specific customer. See About the Bulk Order Product Overrides Form for more details.

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