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About the Payment Authorizations Form

For electronic payments processed by a third-party merchant account processor (such as VeriSign/PayPal), Aptify tracks the authorize and capture transactions in Payment Authorizations records found on the Payment's Authorizations tab. See Creating and Configuring Merchant Accounts for information on Merchant Accounts.

Payment Authorizations Form

General Tab

Authorization Date

The date and time when the authorization or capture was made.

Authorization Code

The code assigned to this authorize or capture transaction by the third-party merchant account processor.

Authorization Type

The type of authorization. Standard options include Authorize, Capture, and Void. Typically, Aptify creates one Payment Authorizations record with a type of Authorize when the payment is initially saved. Then, when the payment is captured using the ePayment Capture wizard, the system creates a second Payment Authorizations record with a type of Capture.

Reference Number

The reference number for this authorization or capture transaction. For Authorize records, the reference number is the [PaymentID]-1. For Capture records, the reference number is either the corresponding Authorize record's Reference Number or Processor Ref Number. This depends on the Merchant Account's configuration — if the Use Aptify Reference Number? box is checked on the Merchant Accounts record, then the Capture uses the [PaymentID]-1 reference number; if not checked, then the Capture uses the Authorize record's Processor Ref Number as its Reference Number.


This field displays the amount of the authorize or capture transaction.

Processor Ref Number

A reference number assigned to authorize or capture operation. Depending on the configuration of the Merchant Account, the system may use this number generated for an authorization as the Reference Number for a subsequent capture operation. See the Reference Number field above for more information.

Merchant Account

The Merchant Account vendor responsible for processing this payment's Authorizations. This field links to the Merchant Accounts service.

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