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How to Work with Subscriptions

The following is an overview of the process for working with subscriptions in Aptify:

  1. An organization begins production of a new product that is sent to customers on a recurring basis.
  2. A user creates a Products record for this item, specifying that it is a subscription.
  3. An order entry clerk takes an order for the subscription from a customer/member.
  4. When a new issue of the subscription is ready for distribution, a user creates a Subscription Fulfillment record to generate the list of subscribers who should receive the issue.
    • See Fulfilling a Subscription for details.
    • Each time a subscription fulfillment is generated, Aptify automatically deducts the appropriate number of issues from the corresponding Subscriptions record.
    • If a subscriber does not renew a subscription, the subscription expires when either all issues in the subscription have been sent or the end date has passed.

  5. As subscriptions approach the expiration date, a user runs the Subscription Renewal wizard to generate invoices for current subscribers, prompting them to renew their subscriptions.
  6. Under some circumstances, a current subscriber may want to cancel an active subscription. In this case, an order entry clerk creates a cancellation order to cancel the remainder of the subscription.

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