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Fulfilling a Subscription

Aptify provides an ability to fulfill subscriptions so an organization can track how many issues are remaining in a particular subscription. For example, if an organization has a monthly newsletter, a user can run a subscription fulfillment every month when a new issue of the newsletter is released. This process automatically generates a distribution list for the new issue and updates the individual Subscriptions to track that the issue has been sent to the subscriber. Once a subscription has been fulfilled (for example, once 12 issues have been sent for a one-year subscription), Aptify automatically marks the Subscription as Expired if it has not been renewed.

While membership dues products do not have issues to send out, an organization can also use the Subscription Fulfillment process for memberships in addition to any publication subscriptions. This approach allows an organization to track a membership's current status and identify how many periods remain before the membership expires.

Aptify 5.5.5 adds support for Subscription Fulfillments to the Aptify web interface.


Follow these steps to fulfill a particular issue of a subscription, broken down by interface:

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