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Processing Replacement Issue Requests

If a customer does not receive an issue that has previously been sent (or if the customer receives it damaged), follow these steps to process a replacement:

  1. Open the recipient's Subscriptions record.
  2. Click the Delivery Log tab and open the record that corresponds to the issue that was lost or damaged.
  3. Clear the Received option.
  4. Select the Complaint option.

    Delivery Log Record With Complaint Option Selected

  5. Click OK to save and close the record.
  6. Save and close the Subscriptions record.
  7. Create another fulfillment for the same issue of the publication that was previously sent to the recipient.
    • The customer will appear in the recipient list for the issue, even though one has already been processed in an earlier subscription fulfillment. This sends the customer another copy of the issue without charging them extra money or reducing the number of issues remaining in the subscription.

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