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Setting Up a Subscription Delivery Schedule

Multiple addresses can be set up for subscription delivery, along with corresponding date ranges. This is useful for individuals who want the subscription delivered to a different address for a period of time, such as for a vacation or temporary relocation.

  1. Open the Subscriptions record that was created automatically during order entry and select the Delivery Schedule tab.
  2. Click the New button to open a new Subscription Delivery Schedule sub-type record.
  3. Indicate the start date and end date of the time period when the subscription is sent to the alternate address.
  4. Indicate the alternate mailing address, fax number, or email address (depending on the distribution type).
  5. In the Requested By field, indicate the name of the person who requested the altered delivery schedule.
  6. In the Distribution Type field, indicate the shipment type for the subscription.

    Subscription Delivery Schedule Record

  7. Click OK to save and close the Subscription Delivery Schedule record.
  8. Save the Subscriptions record.

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