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Best Practices for Partial Subscriptions

When ordering a product such as a subscription where a portion can be ordered or canceled, the quantity to enter is not always something that is easily calculated in your head. For instance, ordering or canceling half of a 1-year monthly subscription is obviously .5, but to order or cancel 10 months of a 12 issue subscription product requires calculating the portion by dividing the number of issues desired by the total number of issues one subscription contains.

To assist the users in calculating the correct amounts, this topic contains several look-up tables to provide the fractional quantities required for purchase or cancellation of a specific number of issues for some basic subscription types.

The best practices included in this topic are presented as recommendations only. This information was compiled by examining the practices that have worked most successfully in similar situations. Aptify realizes that the recommendations and suggestions included may not apply equally to all situations. Each organization should evaluate its own business needs to determine if the methods and practices put forth in this appendix meet its requirements.

The best practices are presented as tables that demonstrate the quantity value to enter to order or cancel a portion of a subscription product. When a cancellation order is created manually (that is, not using the Cancellation wizard), a user must enter the portion of the subscription as a negative number. When canceling a portion of a year-based subscription order via the Cancellation wizard or ordering a portion of a year-based subscription product the quantity value should be input as a positive number.

Generally the way to calculate the decimal value to enter is to divide the number of issues you want to cancel or order by the total number of issues offered if a whole subscription is purchased.

This topic provides a look-up table for subscription types in the following sub-topics:

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