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About the Visual Designer Data Combo Box

Sample Data Combo Field
This component creates a data combo drop-down field, which displays a list of values, populated with records from another entity or database table. This drop-down menu can display one or more fields from the related entity for each selection. It uses the following input properties:

  • FieldName (required): This string links the Form Template Part to a Field in the form's entity. For this input property, replace the <Required> default with Name of an Entity Field that meets the requirements for a Data Combo Box. Note that if this field is not required in the entity, then a blank option will be available in the drop-down list. If required, then no blank option will appear and the field will default to the first value in the list for new records. See Data Combo Drop-down List for more information.
  • ShowLabel (required): When set to 1, the specified LabelCaption appears on the form. When set to 0, the LabelCaption does not appear. This input property defaults to 1.
  • LabelWidth (required): This property specifies the width of the LabelCaption in pixels. A typical LabelWidth in Aptify is between 79 and 99 pixels.
  • DisplaySQL (required): This property specifies a SQL statement that returns the fields to display in the data combo box's drop-down list. For example, Select ID,DisplayName from vwApplications corresponds to displaying the ID and DisplayName fields for the records from the Applications entity's Base View (as shown in the example  below).
  • DisplayField (required): This property specifies the field from the DisplaySQL property to display as the value for the data combo box after a list item has been selected. In the example below, the DisplayField property is set to the Application entity's DisplayName field.
  • DataField (required): This property specifies the field from the form's entity that corresponds to this field. Typically, this is the same as the FieldName (such as ApplicationID).
  • LabelCaption: This string specifies an optional caption that can appear on the form to the left of the field.
  • FontName: This string specifies the font used for the LabelCaption and field value. It defaults to Tahoma.
  • ValueField (required): This property specifies the field from DisplaySQL property that corresponds to the data value that will be stored in the corresponding entity field. Typically, this is the link entity's ID field.
  • LabelCaptionCultureString: This string specifies the culture string used to localize the label. For this input property, specify the base string for the applicable Culture String record. See Working with Culture Strings for more details.

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