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Specifying a Default Path for Temporary Data

When a user opens a mail merge template, Aptify exports the view information to a temporary comma separated value (CSV) file, which Microsoft Word then uses to import the data.

By default, Aptify stores this CSV file in the Windows Temp directory. If desired, you can specify a different location for the CSV files by using the MergeFolder attribute in the Word Templates entity.

Follow these steps to configure this attribute:

  1. Expand the Aptify Framework Administration application.
  2. Locate the Entities service.
  3. Open the Word Templates record in the Entities service.
  4. Click the Configuration > Attributes tab.
  5. Open a new Attributes sub-type record, enter the following information, and click OK:
    • Name: MergeFolder
    • Value: The location of each user's local computer where you want to temporarily store the CSV files generated by the Aptify MS Word Integration wizard. End the path with a back slash. For example, C:_ or _C:\Windows\Temp.
    • Description: This field is optional.  

      MergeFolder Attributes Record
  6. Save and Close the Entities record.
  7. Close and restart Aptify for this change to take effect.

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