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Creating Word Template Categories

For each entity to which you added the wizard, an administrator needs to link it to one or more top-level Word Template Categories before a user can launch the Aptify MS Word Integration wizard from that entity. Follow these steps:

  1. Expand the Aptify Framework Administration application.
  2. Locate the Word Template Categories service.
  3. Open an existing record or create a new record.
    • For new records, specify a category name. If this record corresponds to a sub-category of an existing category, specify the parent category in the Parent field. 

      Word Template Categories Record
  4. Click the Entities tab.
  5. Add a sub-type record for each entity that you want to link to the category.
    • When linking an entity to a sub-category, note that the category will not be available in the wizard unless the entity is also linked to the parent category.  

      Specifying Entities for a Category
  6. Save and close the record.

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