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Administering Record Templates

By default, users can create record templates and manage their own record template preferences using the record template dialogs. This functionality is described in Working with Record Templates.

In addition, the record template infrastructure is also used for view templates. As with record templates, users can create view templates as needed, but record template preferences are not applicable to view templates.

Administrators can also manage record template functionality for users directly from the Entity Record Templates services, which appear under the Aptify Framework Administration application. For more information on these services, see About the Entity Record Template Categories Form, About the Entity Record Template User Preferences Form, and About the Entity Record Templates Form.

Each time a user creates a new Record Template (this includes a view template), Aptify automatically creates an Entity Record Templates record that stores the relevant details about that template.

This topic provides an overview of how to perform the following administrative tasks for record and view templates:

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