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Updating the Credit Status for a Person

When customers order products and makes a partial payment or pays with a purchase order, Aptify checks for sufficient credit to cover the balance of the order. For customers who have a company indicated on their Persons records, Aptify checks the company's credit status. If the Persons record is not associated with a company, or if the Company field on the Bill To tab is cleared, Aptify use the individual's credit status recorded in the Persons record. For more information on a company's credit terms, refer to Updating Company Credit Status.

Note that a person's Credit Limit is expressed in the specified Credit Currency (which defaults to U.S. Dollar in the standard Aptify system but your administrator can change this as necessary). If the person is involved in foreign currency transactions (that is, transactions not in the Credit Currency), Aptify automatically converts the available credit limit to its corresponding value in the foreign currency (using the most current Currency Spot Rate) to ensure that the person has sufficient available credit to complete a particular transaction. Follow these steps to update an individual's credit status:

  1. Open the Persons record.
  2. Click the Details tab.
  3. Click the General sub-tab, if not already selected.
  4. In the Credit Status field, select the person's correct credit status, such as Approved or Not Approved.
  5. Specify the currency for the credit limit amount in the Credit Currency field.
  6. In the Credit Limit field, enter or update the amount of credit that the person has with the organization (if the person has approved credit).
  7. Save the Persons record.

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