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About the Person Companies Form

Person Companies records track relationships between a person and one or more companies that are not the person's main company (which is specified in the person's Company field on the Persons form's top area). These sub-type records are only available through the Details tab's Companies sub-tab on the Persons record.

Person Companies Form

Top Panel

Company Name

When using Aptify's social network integration with e-Business,  if a person’s employment history is available from a social network, Aptify creates a Person Companies records to track that information. When adding the record, Aptify attempts to match the person’s company against existing records in the Companies service.  If an existing record is not found, Aptify writes the name of that company to the Company Name text field. This prevents the system from generating duplicate or unnecessary Companies records. See the e-Business 5.5 Developers Guide found on the Using Aptify e-Business page for more details.


Name of the company associated with the person. This field links to the Companies service.


Title that the persons holds at the company.

Start Date

Start Date for the persons relationship with this company.

End Date

End Date for the persons relationship with this company.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any comments relevant to the record.

Contact Tab

Address Type Menu

The applicable address type. Options are Business Address and Billing Address.

Address Information (Street Address, City, State, ZIP Code, and Country)

The person's address at the specified company. If the system recognizes the ZIP Code entered by a user, it automatically populates the CityState, and County fields. If the system does not recognize the ZIP Code, it does not modify the CityState, or County field. The default country is United States. See Understanding the Postal Code Look-up Functionality for more information.

As of Aptify 5.5.5, the Postal Code look-up functionality works in the Aptify web interface. In previous releases of the Aptify web interface, postal codes must be entered manually.

Phone and Fax

Telephone, assistant's phone, and fax information for the person at the specified company. Four fields are available to accommodate the country code (for countries outside the United States and Canada), area code, telephone number, and extension, respectively.


email address to use when contacting the person at this company.

Details Tab

The Details tab of the Person's Companies record stores information regarding the person's relationship with and/or position in the company, such as supervisor, and so on.

Details Tab


Department where the person works.


Name of the person's supervisor.


Name of the person's assistant.

Contact Rank

Contact rank of the person within the specified company.

Mail Code

Mail stop for the company.

Carrier Route

Carrier route information for the company.

State Senate

State Senate representative for the company.

State House

State House representation for the company.

US Congress

U.S. Congress representative for the company.

Functions Tab

This tab lists the functions that the person performs for the specified company.

Primary Function

The primary function for the person within the company.

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