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About the Persons Summary Form

Starting in Aptify 5.5.3, the Aptify web interface provides Summary forms for Person records. The Summary forms provide a single-page overview of the information contained in a Person record, and appear by default when a record is opened. The Summary forms provide a timeline of the association between the person and your organization. 

Persons Summary Form 

The Summary forms include the following information for each Person record:

  • A photo, if one is available
  • In Aptify 5.5.5, an alerts icon near the photo that opens alert information for the Person record
  • Contact information
  • Membership status
  • Key demographics
  • Notes and latest updates for the record, including:
    • Latest note

    • Latest record history change string

    • Latest timeline item

    • Latest space thread

  • Membership timeline of activities
  • Composite Engagement Score (CES) score 
  • Actions, including:
    • Sending messages
    • Creating orders
    • Adding contact logs
    • Adding memberships
    • Viewing the full record, to edit the details

The Summary forms can be disabled by a system administrator setting the SupportsSummaryTemplate attribute to 0 in the Configuration > Attributes tab of the Persons entity. See Disabling the Summary Forms for Persons and Companies

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