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About the Scheduled Transactions Form

Aptify uses Scheduled Transactions to record financial events that occur at a specified date in the future. The most common Scheduled Transaction type is for Deferred Income recognition for subscription products. An accountant can also manually create scheduled transactions to adjust account information, if necessary, such as when adjusting product unit cost for units that have already shipped.

Scheduled Transactions Form

Top Area

Scheduled Date (Required)

The date when the Scheduled Transaction should be exported to the General Ledger (GL).


The description field indicates the description for the scheduled transaction.

Type (Required)

A list of available scheduled transaction types for the record:

  • Deferred Income: Aptify automatically creates Scheduled Transactions of this type when a customer orders a deferred income product (such as a subscription or a membership).
  • Depreciation: If necessary, an accountant can create a manual scheduled transaction to adjust GL accounts. If the adjustment is based on asset depreciation, select this type from the drop-down list.
  • Mark A/R to Market: Aptify automatically creates Scheduled Transactions of this type when recording exchange rate gains and losses based on currency fluctuations.
  • Other: If necessary, an accountant can create a manual scheduled transaction to adjust GL accounts. If the adjustment type does not fall into one of the other categories, select this option from the list.

Source Order

This field indicates the ID of the Orders record associated with the scheduled transaction. This field is automatically populated for scheduled transactions created to record deferred revenue recognition for an order. This field can be left blank if you are manually creating a Scheduled Transaction adjustment (such as when adjusting inventory unit cost).

Organization (Required)

The organization to which this scheduled transaction applies. For generated scheduled transactions, this field automatically populates with the organization specified on the corresponding Orders form. For transactions that do not involve an order (such as a Donor Advised Fund Allocation) or if the order's organization cannot be determined, the system then uses the organization whose ID is specified in the DefaultOrganizationID entity attribute (see Note to Administrators Regarding the DefaultOrganizationID Entity Attribute).

This organization links determines the functional currency for the scheduled transaction. This is then compared to the Currency in the batching process to determine if this is a foreign currency transaction.

Currency (Required)

This field indicates the currency type for which the scheduled transaction is being recorded. This is inherited from the Scheduled Transactions Group. This field links to the Currency Types service.

Comments Tab

The Comments tab contains any comments relevant to the Scheduled Transactions record.

GL Entries Tab

A list of all related GL account entries. The total debits must equal the total credits.

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