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About the Course Categories Form

If your organization uses Education Management to create any Courses records, you must create at least one Course Categories record. Each Courses record must be associated with a course category before being saved.

You can build a curriculum using Course Categories. For example, a curriculum might require students to choose two courses from one course category and one course from another to achieve certification.

You can create a hierarchy of Course Categories by creating subcategories. For example, a parent category of Business may contain sub-categories of Information Technology, Management, and Finance.

Course -Categories Form

Attachments Tab

Attach any document relevant to this course category on the Attachments tab.

General Tab

Name (Required)

Enter the name of the course category.


If the course category is a subset of another course category, enter the parent category here. Use the Find feature or click the Parent link to create a new Course Categories record that will be the parent category.

External Continuing Education

If this Course Category corresponds to continuing education courseware for which students can submit online requests for Continuing Education Unit (CEU) credit, this check box is selected.

Courses linked to a category with this box selected are available for selection in the CEU Type drop-down list on the e-Business site's Submit New CEU page. See Submitting CEU Requests for details.


Enter any description of this course category.

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