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About the Parts Form from Courses

The Parts tab on the Courses form store the set of Course Parts linked to a particular course.

Parts Record (Courses)


Course Part

This field identifies a course part applicable to this course; it links to the Course Parts service. See About the Course Parts Form.

Require Prior Parts Complete

If a student must complete the parts prior to this part before proceeding (for example, if a student must complete Lesson 1 before proceeding to Lesson 2), this option is selected. This option is primarily applicable to environments that integrate with a Learning Management System (LMS) that can track a student's progress as he or she completes course lessons. A student taking a course on-line will not be able to access this part's content (that is, the hyperlink to the content is disabled) until the prior parts have been completed.

Note that this box is selected by default. If your organization does not use the Aptify LMS or integrate Aptify without LMS, then you should clear this option.


This field contains any optional comments about the course part for this course.

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