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About the Certifications Form

Use the Certifications record to maintain information concerning certifications that students have earned.

Certifications Form
Answer Sheets Tab

The Answer Sheets tab lists any Answer Sheets that relate to this Certifications record. To add another answer sheet to this list, right-click in the gray area on the tab and select New. The Certification Answer Sheets record displays, letting you associate the Certification with a specific answer sheet. See About the Certification Answer Sheets Form for information on completing this form.

Attachments Tab

Attach any documents relevant to this Certifications record on the Attachments tab.

Comments Tab

Enter any comments relevant to this record on this tab.

General Tab

Type (Required)

Select the type of certification that the student has earned:

  • Curriculum: The student has completed an entire curriculum. The curriculum is the default.
  • Requirement: The student has completed a course internal to your organization.
  • External: The student has completed a course external to your organization.

Student (Required)

Enter the name of the student who earned this certification. Use the Find feature or click the Student link to create a new Persons record.

Date Granted

Enter the date that the certification was granted. The current date is the default.

Date Started (Required)

Enter the date that the student started earning this certification.


Enter the title of the certification.

Status (Required)

The status of the certification:

  • Declared: The student has committed to earning certification.
  • In Progress: The student is working on earning certification.
  • Granted: The student has earned certification.
  • Canceled: The student has stopped working on earning certification.
  • Expired: The student exceeded a time limit for earning certification.

Expiration Date

If the student's effort to earn certification can expire, enter the date of expiration. This field can also indicate when a certification expires after it has been earned.


If the certification type is Requirement, enter the relevant course name. Use the Find feature or click the Course link to create a new Courses record. See About the Courses Form for more information.


If the certification type is Curriculum, enter the relevant curriculum name. Use the Find feature or click the Curriculum link to create a new Curriculum record. See About the Curriculum Definitions Form for more information.

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