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About the Expected Students Form

Use the Expected Students record to list expected students, grouped by preferred language, in the Classes record. Tracking language information for students lets you anticipate how many exams to order in each language for that class.

Each Expected Students record tracks the language preference of a group of students in a class. Each individual student does not need an Expected Students record.

For example, your class has five students who speak English, five who speak Spanish, and two who speak Portuguese. Tho track this information, create three Expected Students records, one for each preferred language. It is not necessary to create 12 records, one for each student.

Access the Expected Students record from the Classes service by right-clicking in the Expected Students tab and selecting New. A window displays.

Linking Groups of Students to the Classes Form

Comments Tab

Enter any comments on this group of expected students.

General Tab

# Students (Required)

Enter the number of students in the class who make up a language group. The default is zero. If you leave this field blank, the system automatically enters a zero when you click OK.


Select the preferred language for this group of students. The default is English.

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