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About the Prerequisites Form

Use the Prerequisites record to list a course that students are required to take before taking the current course. Creating the list of Prerequisites lets you keep track of what students need to know before starting this course.

The Class Registration wizard automatically reviewed the list of course prerequisites when attempting to add a student to a class. See About the Enrolling a Student with the Class Registration Wizard for details.

Access the Prerequisites record from the Courses service by right-clicking in the Prerequisites tab and selecting New. A window displays.

Linking a Prerequisite Course to the Courses Form


Prerequisite Course (Required)

Enter the name of the prerequisite course. Use the Find feature or click the Prerequisite Course link to create a new Courses record. See About the Courses Form for more information.

Type (Required)

The type of prerequisite. The options are:

  • Optional: The prerequisite course is recommended but not required to enroll in the current course.
  • Prerequisite: A student must have successfully passed this prerequisite course to enroll in the current course.
  • Corequisite: A student must have successfully passed this prerequisite course or must be currently enrolled in it to register for the current course.


Enter the number of units required for the prerequisite course.

Status (Required)

Select the status for the prerequisite. The options are Current or Inactive. The default is Current. If Inactive, the Class Registration wizard ignores this prerequisite.


Enter any comments regarding the prerequisite course.

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