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About the Schedules Form

Use the Schedules record to list class schedules of various complexity on the Classes record.

When you create one or more Schedules records for a class, each schedule record represents one class meeting. This information about the number of class meetings overrides information entered directly in the # Class Meetings field on the top panel of the Classes form. See About the Classes Form for more information.


Access the Schedules record from the Classes service by right-clicking in the Schedule tab and selecting New. A window displays.

Agenda Tab

The Agenda tab maintains a list of topics for each class meeting. To add an Agenda topic in the Desktop client, right-click in the gray area on the tab and select New. To do the same in the web interface, click the NEW button. The Agenda window displays.

Topic (Required)

Enter the topic of this class meeting.

Start Date/Time (Required)

Enter the Start Date of the class meeting. Optionally, include the start time.

End Date/Time (Required)

Enter the End Date of the class meeting. Optionally, include the end time.


Enter any comments regarding the class agenda item.

Comments Tab

Enter any comments regarding the class schedule.

General Tab

Location (Required)

Enter the location where the class meets.

Start Date (Required)

Enter the date of the first class meeting.

End Date (Required)

Enter the date of the final class meeting.

Address, City, State, Zip Code, Country

Enter the address of the class location. See Managing Address Information for information on storing addresses in Aptify.

The Address buttons provide the following functions:

  • Verify Address
  • Preview Address Label
  • View Address on Map
  • Setup Default Addresses and Date Ranges
  • Add New Address

In the Aptify web interface, these buttons are available by clicking the icon to the right of the Addresses pull-down box.

In Aptify web, the Bad Address option is always displayed on any form where the address control is displayed, no matter how the administrator has configured the bad address input properties. However, enabling or disabling the Bad Address option in this form does not effect the status of the address. This option is effective only when it is set on the Companies and Persons top-level entities. This is a known issue set to be resolved in a future release of Aptify. Contact Aptify Technical Support for updates.

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