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About the Sample Reports

This topic contains information on the sample reports that are provided with Aptify. In Aptify, each report is associated with a particular service. The reports provided are standard reports, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SRSS) reports.

For information on the supported versions of Crystal Reports and SRSS, see the system requirements topic for your release:

See Running the Client-Specific Reports for information on how to launch Crystal Reports or SSRS reports from Aptify and export the report contents to another format (such as Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF). Keep in mind that all of the reports described in this document evaluate only the records that appear in the source view from which the user launched the report.

Aptify distributes the run time libraries from Crystal Reports so that end users can run reports directly from the Aptify Desktop client and web interface. 

However, report writers need a license for the full version of Crystal Reports to create and edit reports. See Promoting Business Intelligence for information on how to use the full version of Crystal Reports to create and modify reports that can be launched from within Aptify.

 This topic groups together the reports based on their corresponding service and lists the services in alphabetical order. The services that have one or more associated reports are listed below:

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